Ruby is an outgoing, kind-hearted and compassionate soul. She is dedicated to making the world a better place than she found it through exuding kindness and care to everyone that comes into her life. Having studied international studies, worked in the humanitarian/NGO field, experience in customer service and worked for over 10 years in community roles such as coaching and serving humanity in volunteering, Ruby has been exposed to all walks of life. This has led her to develop a high level of adaptability, and an interpersonal understanding for both individuals and whole communities.

With this, Ruby’s holistic philosophy to all-round health is through self-care, self-expression and ultimately self-love. She has developed a multitude of ways to teach, empower, support and guide individuals to reach their full potential and achieve their overall goals.

One of Ruby’s favourite methods is through health and fitness – she loves to teach the importance of mind and body connection through getting the body moving in affirmative ways! Finally, compelled by making a positive impact on those who need it the most, Ruby believes embracing and bringing to light the positive differences that make everyone who they are and discovering their unique story, is the recipe to practising happiness that can last.