Tash is a Bachelor of Science graduate, majored in Psychology, a leader of young people, and tutor. Her journey in Psychology began from a deep interest in the intricate and mysterious workings of the brain when she was 16. She spent her school summer holiday pouring over a VCE Psychology textbook and emailing a school course coordinator to let her begin her VCE courses early. From there she began a poetic expedition into the brain, where she developed her knowledge and empathy for people struggling with mental illness.

Upon leaving secondary school she threw herself into her volunteering endeavours, where she spent every Friday night for 5 years serving and safeguarding young people from all walks of life. Her summers are also spent in Anglesea or Phillip Island leading teams for children’s programs.

In her downtime, Tash frequents the beach, hikes, paints, reads, and hosts potlucks for people looking for community. Her methods have been described as compassionate, welcoming, supportive, and authentic.