Where did Upbeat Health & Well-Being come from?

Boss, CEO and Founder of UpBeat Health and Well-Being
Woman of this Earth

A little herstory.

The oldest of many children, Bec naturally assumed a lot of responsibility around the house. Her parents had their hands full doing such amazing work for their community that Bec was often left to her own devices. Trusted to take care of herself and internalising a very giving and protective outlook, Bec launched her first business at the age of 18 to help support herself and her family.

Her entrepreneurial roots started young and her hunger to work hard and play hard was born. From an incredibly young age Bec was aware of mental health and illness around her. She was exposed to complex environments and situations and spent a lot of time in mental health rehabilitation facilities, psychiatric wards and hospitals. Even as a child she noticed holes in the system.

Bec observed there is a total disconnect within old healthcare frameworks, which essentially disempower deep and meaningful recovery for those who experience mental health issues. She has identified a gap in the system and not only does she truly understand that this gap exists, she has a solution. Introducing UpBeat Health and Well-Being. UpBeat’s goal is to fulfil this gap in the system and reinvent empowering mental health solutions. The mission at UpBeat is to work alongside their clients to build care packages in a collaborative capacity including the well-being worker, medical professionals and the client themselves. UpBeat has been building traction and works with a range consumers and stakeholders alike.