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What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a form of therapeutic treatment that targets the creative and emotive parts of client’s brains through making and reflecting on visual and tactile art. This expands our client’s ability to access and express their internal states which may otherwise be difficult. In doing so, clients regain control over their narrative and can positively change how they view themselves.

Art therapy is an empowering practice and imparts increased resilience, emotional skills, confidence, self-knowledge, and the added bonus of a new, or further-developed, artistic mindful hobby.

Targeted psychotherapeutic interventions are employed, just like in regular talk therapy, by the qualified Art Therapist throughout each session to address the client’s presenting concerns. A plan will be drawn up at the beginning of therapy and updated throughout the journey to assure client’s goals are seeing positive progress.

Who is Art Therapy for?

Art therapy is for everyone.

Creativity is the medium of communication across generations, languages, cultures, and developmental differences. It can assist in processing trauma, mental health conditions, early intervention, developmental and autism spectrum conditions, reducing stress, increasing self-awareness, and improving communication skills.

Art therapy can benefit:
  • Perfectionists who think logically and struggle to access their raw emotions.
  • Individuals who experienced trauma and struggle to process their traumatic memories.
  • People who experienced neglect or abuse before they had advanced communication skills.
  • Teenagers who do not wish to talk explicitly about their concerns.
  • Kids who do not have advanced language for communication and processing.
  • Individuals who speak a language other than English.
  • Neurodiverse people on the autism spectrum, with ADHD, or with an intellectual disability.
  • Individuals with depression or chronic fatigue who have limited energy.
How does Art Therapy work?

Through employing different mediums, clients are able to convey abstract, difficult, or otherwise incommunicable thoughts to process them in a healthy and safe way. Clients are able to sit with the subject matter of their art with an explorative mind and consider it from multiple different perspectives to resolve associated negative thoughts that may otherwise get stuck in the active mind. In doing so, they gain a sense of control over how they assign meaning to their own art and life story.

Do I need to bring materials?

No, all materials are provided. However, if you have a preferred medium that is a bit more obscure you are very welcome to bring it.

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