Emma Vasey

Emma is a proud neurodiverse woman who has years of experience working directly in client-facing care roles and considers her greatest skill to be compassionate understanding. She has recently stepped into the position of Operations Manager at UpBeat Health and Wellbeing to support the continued thriving of the organisation and its staff and clients.
Her role involves implementing systems of operation to make working at, and interacting with, UpBeat smoother while supporting staff members to meet their potential. She fondly calls this “clickity-clackity” work.
Her passion continues to be working directly with people. She plans to start offering her direct Sexology Counselling services at UpBeat soon. This is a unique offering to the holistic care offered at UpBeat for clients to improve their romantic and sexual relationships with others and themselves. Emma has completed her Graduate Diploma of Sexology at Curtin University and believes in the power of healthy relationships (to others or yourself) to be a great tool towards healing trauma.
Between her work at Upbeat and completing her Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy, Emma loves to engage in mindful movement and spend time with her family and partner. She is a certified dorky dancer and will greet everyone she sees with a smile.