Nature Therapy

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What is Nature Therapy?

Nature Therapy, also called EcoTherapy, is an emerging approach to mental healthcare that is gaining traction in the research literature and practices offering it in Australia. As a proud First Nations organisation, UpBeat Health and Wellbeing also recognises the importance of connecting to land in improving and maintaining spiritual, psychological, and physical health.

Nature Therapy focuses on connecting individuals with the earth while drawing upon the studies benefits being surrounded by nature has on mental wellbeing. Clients can reflect on how they are impacted by their environment and feel inspired to seek beauty in the everyday to improve the conditions for others and themselves.

Clients will recognise that they are part of a larger system that they have an inherent place within. Nature Therapy believes that people are part of nature and will have natural changes and fluctuations throughout their lives. As the conditions change, so too do individuals. In this way, Nature Therapy increases self-worth, agency, belonging, and client’s sense of purpose.

Do you currently offer Nature Therapy?

We currently do not offer Nature Therapy, however we wish to expand into this space. We are taking Expressions of Interest to determine the demand in this offering. If we gain enough interest we will start by offering Nature Therapy workshops and 1:1 counselling in natural settings that incorporate the land into the therapeutic interventions.

Who is Nature Therapy for?

  • First Nations individuals.
  • Anyone drawn to nature.
  • Individuals who feel disconnected from a greater power.
  • People who are non-verbal or less communicative.
  • People who have experienced trauma.
  • People with anxiety or depression.
  • Highly stressed individuals.

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