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UpBeat Health and Wellbeing offers a range of services designed to support every individual in creating and embodying the life they desire. We embrace a tailored and holistic approach across our therapeutic offerings and programs to cater to the uniqueness of every individual and their lives. We specialise in trauma-informed practice and neurodiverse clients.

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Donate and Support

We rely on the generosity of our community to keep our doors open and continue offering our services. Your donations are essential in helping us provide access to holistic therapy for those who may not have the means to pay for it themselves. By donating to our center, you are directly contributing to the well-being and growth of neurodiverse individuals. Every little bit counts and truly makes a difference. Thank you for considering supporting our mission and helping us create a more inclusive and compassionate world.

Community Hub Programs

At Upbeat Health and Wellbeing, we pride ourselves on the accessibility and power of our programs. We understand that each person that walks through the doors of our Community Hub has their own history and needs, which is why every person has a meeting with one of our lovely intake staff to understand how we can work towards meeting your goals through our programs. We are currently growing a range of individual and group offerings in a range of mediums to suit your needs. Each one is strengths-based, disability-friendly, trauma-informed, and celebrates uniqueness. We meet you where you are at.

Programs that celebrate difference

Run by neurodiverse folks, for neurodiverse folks to find community and joy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I start if I’m overwhelmed by the choice but know I need help?

Recovery Coaching is available directly for this purpose. Check out the relevant page here. 

How long does a therapy session last?

Regular sessions last 50 minutes after the initial appointment unless otherwise requested, then we can do a 90-minute session with an additional cost. We do have the ability to shorten or lengthen a session to meet the needs of our clients. Some children benefit from a shorter session, while some art therapy clients prefer a longer time to complete their art and process the work. All sessions fall between 50-90 minutes. 

Why can’t I book in to some types of therapy and community programs?

We are currently sourcing interest for providing different types of therapy. We want to expand our offerings, however we need to know that our community will take up new therapeutic offerings before we can hire specialist therapists. You will notice that psychodrama therapy, music therapy, and nature therapy fall under this category. We are also sourcing therapists who can provide EMDR at present. We are also sourcing interest for our community programs but do not have the capacity to run them currently.

What can I expect in my first therapy session?

The first therapy session will be spent getting to know you and creating space for your concerns to be heard. The most important thing is seeing if you and your therapist are a good fit for each other, and this will be something that your therapist will check in with often. You will begin to explore your personal communication style and creating a safe space to work towards your goals by building upon your strengths. This is true across all the therapy types. Your therapist will also explain what to expect with them personally and their speciality. 

Where do I go for my therapy appointment?

We are currently sourcing a space to become our clinical therapy practice, in the meantime we have therapy rooms at our Neurodiverse Community Hub in Northcote 3070. Upon booking you will receive the address and instructions of how to get in. Our Community Hub is a safe space for people who have experienced trauma, some of it interpersonal, and thus we keep the address offline.

Do you offer Telehealth appointments?

We currently offer Telehealth Counselling sessions over zoom and on the phone for teenagers and adults. At present we do not offer Telehealth for children under the age of 12. We can provide Art Therapy over zoom if you source your own materials.  

How do you accept payment?

We accept privately paying clients and clients who have sourced funding through the NDIS, or have a Tailored Care Package (TCP). For privately paying clients we send invoices directly after each session and accept direct debits with your reference number. You can also set up automatic direct debit payments with us for your regular therapy sessions. If your therapeutic care is funded by the NDIS or TCP, your plan manager will receive the invoices. 

Do you accept payment plans?

We consider each case individually. It is worth sending us an email with the heading “Payment Plan Inquiry – [insert therapy type here] for [insert your name here]”.

What if one of the available times doesn’t suit my schedule?

Send in an expression of interest for a desired time slot and we will get back to you if something becomes available.

What is the cancellation window before I’m charged?

If you send a cancellation notice 48 hours before your session you will incur zero cancellation fees. Cancellation later that 48hours, or a missed appointment, will incur 100% of the original booking cost.

Can I claim my therapy sessions through medicare?

Unfortunately, counselling, psychotherapy, and sexology are not covered by Medicare currently.

Can I use my Mental Health Care Plan here?

Unfortunately, only psychologists and social workers are able to provide support through the Mental Health Care Plan.

Can I claim my therapy sessions under my private health fund?

Some private health care plans offer coverage for counsellors. It is worth calling up your provider to find out more information.