Psychodrama Therapy

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What is Psychodrama Therapy?

Psychodrama is a form of group psychotherapy that has decades of research behind it and is very popular in the United States and Europe. Currently in Australia there are limited courses available to train qualified Psychodrama Therapists which makes it a less well known therapeutic intervention.

Psychodrama is an experiential, action-based, full-bodied therapy that helps clients process their emotions, events, and relationships in their lives through a range of dramatisation activities. Clients can expect to gain a different perspective on their lives to increase their self-compassion and insight while feeling more deeply embodied within themselves. Research has shown that psychodrama is effective in increasing feelings of safety, self-image, coping skills, and reducing PTSD symptoms.

Psychodrama groups run for roughly 2 hours in a group of 6-10 clients for a number of weeks. Each session is usually separated into three parts: a warm up to get comfortable in the space and with other group members, an action phase where the therapist directs group members through therapeutic activities, and a sharing phase for reflection and integration of the learnings that emerged from the Psychodrama session.

Do you currently offer Psychodrama Therapy?

We currently do not offer Psychodrama Therapy, however we wish to expand into this space. We are taking Expressions of Interest to determine the demand in this offering. If we gain enough interest we will start by offering Psychodrama Therapy workshops and group psychodrama therapy.


Who is Psychodrama Therapy for?

Psychodrama is not just for people who love to be on stage. In fact it is greatly beneficial for individuals who struggle with negative self-image, shame, and disconnection from others.

People who hold unprocessed grief, trauma, sexual identities, or who struggle with interpersonal relationships would benefit from psychodrama.

Neurodiverse people are especially suited for psychodrama as a way to explore interpersonal dynamics and increase self-reflectiveness.

How does Psychodrama Therapy work?

Psychodrama allows an individual to reenact past events, imagined situations, and emotions in the present, thus allowing them to be processed in the ‘here-and-now’. This allows them to be reprocessed in a safe space surrounded by people clients have an established connection with and a trained Psychodrama Therapist. The experience is then further processed cognitively through a reflective practice. It is a creative way to approach therapy from a different angle.

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