Support services offered and available to you 

Upbeat is committed to providing a variety of support and services to you.             

These supports include; 

Collaborative care and care coordination

Supporting effective communication between you, UpBeat, Medical Professionals, Care Coordinators, and other people involved in Your life

Adaptive Care Plan development and monitoring

Respite support

Specialist carers

Crisis Intervention Support

Foster Care

    Self-care and wellbeing 

    Housing which may include organizational, cleaning, and cooking support

    Individualised activities and experiences

    Nutritional support and meal planning

    Sleep & hygiene support

    Self-development mentorships

    Wellbeing support work

    One-on-one support shifts (minimum 4 hours)


    In-home and out-of-home care

    Psychosocial support and community engagement

          Therapeutic mental health intervention

          Counselling & Mental health support

          Art therapy (1.1 and group)

          Positive behavioural support

          Recovery and empowerment coaching

          Trauma informed care

          Culturally sensitive care

          Support Services

          We provide a range of support shifts, respite, dance, art therapy, music, yoga and more. We listen to our consumers goals and create meaningful support and guidance. Encouraging our consumers to feel included and validated.

          Transport Services

          We can pick you up, drop you off, spend time with you while you run errands, or attend appointments. UpBeat want to make sure you are able to get around and feel supported in doing so.

          Cleaning Services

          Our professional cleaning services are temporarily suspended in light of fluctuating COVID restrictions.



          To be brave and push ourselves and one another to be the best we can be.


          To foster collaborative and inclusive decision-making with a focus on consumer choice and individual strengths.


          We value, encourage and acknowledge our consumers and staffs individual capacity to continuously learn and grow.


          We respect and celebrate diversity, heritage, tradition, identity, needs and aspirations. Our staff meet client’s with an intersectional lens to provide a space where individual realities are honoured, seen, heard and celebrated.


          We take pride in our journey, care for one another and ourselves with respect and compassion.

          Our Vision

          At UpBeat, our mission is to work alongside of our client’s with a person-centred approach. We’re passionate about empowering and supporting the people we work with on their journey towards recovery and wellness. 

          We embrace a holistic and collaborative approach to ensure our consumers develop wholesome and memorable experiences while working towards their individual goals

          We understand that everyone has their own story, so we personalise our approach to suit your health and wellbeing needs.

          We create and nurture positive, safe, healing environments and experiences for our consumers. Our dedicated well-being staff are informed by a sound understanding of trauma, attachment and developmental needs.

          What makes UpBeat truly meaningful is the involvement that our Wellbeing workers offer at the ground level. Our team participates in the daily operations alongside our client’s to ensure that their social, psychological, spiritual, emotional and physical needs are met, supported and understood by both the client and carer alike.

          We use our personal and diverse strengths, solutions-based thinking, and teamwork to develop individualised support plan that fosters choice, confidence and health. We strive to blend clients’ personal goals and the UpBeat ethos while meeting the guidance and recommendations of medical professionals. Our aim is to create happy, genuine memories, lasting experiences and enhance overall Wellbeing and Mental Health.