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Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of therapeutic treatment that targets the creative and emotive parts of client’s brains through making and reflecting on visual and tactile art. This expands our client’s ability to access and express their internal states which may otherwise be difficult. In doing so, clients regain control over their narrative and can positively change how they view themselves.

Art therapy is an empowering practice and imparts increased resilience, emotional skills, confidence, self-knowledge, and the added bonus of a new, or further-developed, artistic mindful hobby.

Targeted psychotherapeutic interventions are employed, just like in regular talk therapy, by the qualified Art Therapist throughout each session to address the client’s presenting concerns. A plan will be drawn up at the beginning of therapy and updated throughout the journey to assure client’s goals are seeing positive progress.

Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching is a person-centred form of case management and coordination of services to assist people in navigating their healing journey in a complicated mental health system. We recognise that the mental health sector can be overwhelming. Knowing what services are going to be of most use to clients personally, how to access them, and how to fund them can be difficult without both professional and lived experience. UpBeat Health and Wellbeing’s Recovery Coaches are qualified, knowledgeable, kind, and keep it real.

Alongside assisting with the logistics of accessing the NDIS, Tailored Care Packages, insurance, and more, Recovery Coaching is a form of mentorship and coaching. Our Recovery Coaches are not clinical, they’re personal. They exist to get to know our clients and anyone important in their lives. They listen. They do not tell clients what to do. Instead, they help them understand different services available and make empowered decisions and show up consistently to meet their recovery goals.

Trauma Counselling

Trauma Counselling is an approach to counselling that is applied throughout our entire therapy clinic for clients who have experienced trauma to help them manage their mental health symptoms. Trauma Counselling is an evidence-based therapeutic intervention that is based on the latest scientific developments that have advanced therapist’s understanding of how trauma affects the mind, the body, and even epigenetic inheritance between generations.

Trauma Counselling employs two strategies to assist client’s in processing the traumatic events: top-down and bottom-up approaches. It sounds fancy, but it basically means targeting both the cognitive reaction to trauma and the bodily reaction which are based at the top and bottom of the brain respectively. Trauma can emerge from one event, or several events that create compounding and complex trauma throughout a lifetime. It can occur in adulthood, or it could happen during childhood. The type of trauma and when it occurred changes what therapeutic intervention will be most useful to a client. That is why at Upbeat Health and Wellbeing, we offer different therapeutic approaches.


Sex Therapy is a form of talk therapy that targets the psychological, social, and relational causes of sexual dissatisfaction through employing therapeutic interventions similar to a regular counsellor.

Sex, sexuality, intimacy, and physical connection are an important part of many people’s lives that can be negatively impacted by many things that require the help of a Sex Therapist to address. Unfortunately, most healthcare and mental health practitioners are not specifically trained to address these concerns. Qualified Sex Therapy administered by a sexologist targets the underlying causes behind sexual dissatisfaction, and not merely the symptoms, for sexual health and wellbeing that lasts in a shame-free way.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy uses a range of musical interventions to assist clients in accessing a range of therapeutic benefits through creative and emotive expressions. It is conducted by a qualified Music Therapist who is trained in different musical instruments, songwriting, singing, and counselling. Clients can expect to be led through a range of activities that activate the creative and abstract parts of their brains such as improvisation, music-facilitated life review, singing and instrument-playing, lyric analysis, and music-facilitated emotional regulation. Music Therapy can be either active (making music) or passive (responding to others music) and can be done in individual or group therapy sessions.

Music therapy is an empowering practice that imparts increased resilience, emotional skills, confidence, self-knowledge, and the added bonus of a new musical hobby.

Psychodrama Therapy

Psychodrama is a form of group psychotherapy that has decades of research behind it and is very popular in the United States and Europe. Currently in Australia there are limited courses available to train qualified Psychodrama Therapists which makes it a less well known therapeutic intervention.

Psychodrama is an experiential, action-based, full-bodied therapy that helps clients process their emotions, events, and relationships in their lives through a range of dramatisation activities. Clients can expect to gain a different perspective on their lives to increase their self-compassion and insight while feeling more deeply embodied within themselves. Research has shown that psychodrama is effective in increasing feelings of safety, self-image, coping skills, and reducing PTSD symptoms.

Psychodrama groups run for roughly 2 hours in a group of 6-10 clients for a number of weeks. Each session is usually separated into three parts: a warm up to get comfortable in the space and with other group members, an action phase where the therapist directs group members through therapeutic activities, and a sharing phase for reflection and integration of the learnings that emerged from the Psychodrama session.

Nature Therapy

Nature Therapy, also called EcoTherapy, is an emerging approach to mental healthcare that is gaining traction in the research literature and practices offering it in Australia. As a proud First Nations organisation, UpBeat Health and Wellbeing also recognises the importance of connecting to land in improving and maintaining spiritual, psychological, and physical health.

Nature Therapy focuses on connecting individuals with the earth while drawing upon the studies benefits being surrounded by nature has on mental wellbeing. Clients can reflect on how they are impacted by their environment and feel inspired to seek beauty in the everyday to improve the conditions for others and themselves.

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